Dentist pulled the tooth out yesterday. But it’s always a good idea to demonstrate to your co-workers that you are capable of withstanding a tremendous amount of pain. Plus, it’s always fun to see Tom faint.

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would be dope if someone messaged me 

do that

today fucking sucks.


Foundation - “Anthem For Redemption”

Sentenced myself with the selfish things I say, promises I break, and the way I refuse to let anyone in.
Please let me make my amends.
I’ll do Anything.

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Rival Mob

First Unitarian Church


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Harm’s Way - Mind Control (x)


Suburban Scum - ‘Nature of the Beast”

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im bored send me an A - Z ples


"Good Things" - The Menzingers, On the Impossible Past

I’ve been having a horrible time
Pulling myself together
I’ve been closing my eyes to find
Why all good things should fall apart

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Maybe I’m meant to be alone if I can’t pull these parts together… 
I’ve probably had enough time to sort this troubled mind to structure. 
So when you’ve had enough of being stuck with “given up”, 
please don’t apologize because I’ll understand just fine. 

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Video from my band’s set on Sunday, give it a twirl.